What are Hexagon Head Flange Bolts


Hexagon head flange bolts are a type of fastener consisting of a hexagonal head and a flange plate (the gasket under the hexagon is fixed with the hexagon) and a screw (a cylinder with an external thread). Nut fit, used to securely connect two parts with through holes. According to the different places where the flange bolts are used, the size requirements of the disk are different, and there are flat bottom and toothed ones, and the toothed ones play a non-slip effect. According to different needs, the surface is plated with white, army green, colorful yellow, and Dacromet that will never rust. There are two types of hexagonal heads, one is flat and the other is concave.

So what is a flange? What is a flange? What does it do?

Flange is a disc-shaped part, the most common in pipeline engineering, flanges are used in pairs.

Add a gasket between the two flanges, and then fasten with bolts. Different pressure flanges have different thicknesses and use different bolts.

The characteristic of flange connection is that it is easier to install and disassemble than threaded connection.